Who We Are


The new owners of The Majestic, Joe and Cortnee Brumley are no strangers to economic development. Having owned several other historically significant properties, they have been successful in the re-purposing, preserving, and rehabilitating of many properties with historical value. They have evolved from flipping houses and swinging hammers to becoming involved in the local economy by joining Southern Ohio Business Connections, as well as Joe being appointed on the Adams County Airport Authority by county commissioners. The Brumley’s started their home base in the old Adams County Jail. Here they have launched their small business facility for office space, The Precinct, and The Precinct Café is soon to open following an extensive remodel of the building to provide a gathering place within the coffee shop. In 2014, Joe purchased the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial High School in Georgetown Ohio with determination to re-purpose the building. He was successful in saving it from being demolished with the help of the new owners who are finishing their rehabilitation to open an assisted living facility. In 2017, Joe and Cortnee purchased The CT McFarland, a real stern wheel powered riverboat that was the official riverboat of Tall Stacks in Cincinnati. The plan to bring her to Adams County to offer public tours of the Twin Islands has been at rest while trying to develop a launch area and dock. “The stars aligned when The Majestic went up for sale. Our ship is strikingly similar to The Atta Boy, and now we have a vessel to moor her to so we can make this vision a reality” said the owners. They are renaming their riverboat The Atta Boy II to bring back the marriage of the two vessels, and Joe and Cortnee are working closely with the local Performing Arts Council, CCM, and The Ohio Historical Society to provide a venue and an experience aboard The Majestic like never before. Twin Island tours on the Atta Boy II, a full schedule of performances and concerts aboard The Majestic, and the amazing food and wine from Moyer Winery. Get ready for a truly incredible experience.


Our real stern wheel propelled riverboat to be renamed The Atta Boy II to offer Twin Island Tours and be moored to The Majestic to commemorate the original Atta Boy that ferried The Majestic up and down the Ohio River