Thank you for visiting Showboat Majestic


Showboat Majestic was purchased at auction by Joe and Cortnee Brumley. It is an exciting time for all Ohio and Kentucky residents as the National Historical Landmark will live on.

We need your help to cover initial expenses and to finance her new infrastructure. Please review the Majestic’s history, our story, and consider making a donation.

We are offering the following incentives:

$100 gets you 2 tickets for opening day live performances, catered meal on the banks, and full access to tour the Majestic

$500 gets a personalized brass nameplate engraved and affixed to a seat back in the theater with your name on it (limited to 219) as well as 2 tickets for opening day

$1000 gets your name or business on a brass plaque of contributors to be posted on the entry beside the National Landmark plaque as well as 2 tickets to opening day

$5000 gets a personalized space on the interior upper balcony handrail with 360° visibility for your memorial or business advertising as well as 2 tickets to opening day

We would like to thank our partner Moyer Winery and Restaurant. You can find more information about them on their Facebook page.


Helpful Links

Click here to visit to our Go Fund Me campaign.

Click here to visit Moyer Winery and Restaurant Facebook page.

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